Screeding Prices In South Africa

What is Screeding?

A flat board or a purpose-made aluminum tool is used to smooth and to “true” materials like concrete, stucco, and plaster after they have been placed on. 


Screeding Prices In South Africa?

Between R300 and R600/m2, including installation; prices vary depending on the thickness of the application.

What is the purpose of screening?

The screed’s primary purpose, using one part cement to three to five parts sharp sand, is to give a smooth and level floor on which to lay your chosen floor finish.

The thickness of the screed allows it to take up normal variations in flatness and levelness of the base on which it is laid.

What comes after screeding?

After screeding, voids left on the surface are filled with concrete and the process is repeated till uniform surface results.

When the mix is dry, the screed is also used as a tamper to bring mortar to the top for later finishing.