South Africa Accounting Internships.

South Africa Accounting Internships.

Accounting internships are a vital part of the transition to become a professional. In these internships candidates will be exposed not only to one field of accounting, but usually to multiple. They may be used in a variety of departments, with different projects. These could include budgeting, accounts payable, payroll, accounts received, financial statements, cost accounting and more. They need to be computer literate not only in MS Office, but also spread sheet as well as other programs used by a company. Candidates will additionally also learn how the office situation works and all other aspects of their chosen career path.

Accounting Internships Available

Candidates looking to follow this career field has a couple of options available to them.

Field may include the following:

  • Accountant
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial advisor
  • Credit controller
  • Financial accountant
  • Creditor clerk
  • Senior finance controller
  • Commercial manager
  • Cashbook clerk
  • Internal Auditing
  • Risk Management
  • Cost Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Economics
  • Investment Management

Here are some of the companies that offer internships within these fields, however there are many more:

Accounting Internship Requirements

Each company has their own conditions that candidates will have to meet in order to be able to apply. We have compiled some of the basic requirements, but please ensure you know what the stipulation are, of the company you are applying to. Candidates who aim to apply for any of the fields within accounting, need to be critical thinkers, open minded, work well alone, as well as with others, have an exceptional way of communicating, and must be client and business orientated.

Though, for most positions within this industry, candidates can look at the following requirements:

Must be a South African citizen, with a valid ID document

Must hold a Matric with exceptional grades for Mathematics and English

Must be computer literate

Must hold a degree or diploma within field of application

Must be able to excel under pressure

Some companies may also require candidates who have a valid driver’s license, are currently unemployed with no previous work experience and who have great leadership skills. People with disabilities are encouraged to also apply.

Most of these internships are for a duration of 12 months, however some companies may offer successful candidates up to three years. Candidates will be working in corporate environments, thus should be professional in appearance. Some companies also offer candidates the opportunity to become permanent members of their staff, but not all.


Accounting online application processes are made available by a variety of companies yearly. There are some that prefer candidates collect forms from their offices, and other that work via e-mail. Candidates will be able to gather more information regarding this process, on the webpages of the company they intend on applying to, or call their offices to find out. Candidates are reminded to confirm that applications are completed in full, and all compulsory papers attached before sending in their applications to a company. All documentation must be certified copies, please do not attach your originals.

Certified copies to be included may be the following:

  • All academic records
  • Motivational Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • ID document
  • All Certificates of qualifications

Closing Dates

Closing dates will differ from company to company, depending on their needs within this field. Please remember to sign the application, include copies of all required documentation as stipulated in the application, and fill in the application completely. No late entries will be considered, so ensure you know what the closing date is, and have your application in on time. Some companies may offer a monthly stipend or salary, but most do not offer candidates housing, meals or transport.