South Africa Department of Environmental Affairs Internships

South Africa Department of Environmental Affairs Internships

This Department offer unpaid internship and some paid internships. The idea for the unpaid internship is that if you are not sure of which direction you would like to follow but want to see what you can learn in this field and what it has to offer. A permanent position could be offered after your internship is completed, yet, it is not guaranteed.


By gaining knowledge, you are bridging the gap between studying and working. The Department is always on the lookout for people who aim to make a difference. They seek talented and creativeness. Doing such an internship gives you the opportunity to meet new people, see great things and places and take part in new and exciting events, while all the time learning (while not even realizing it), what the environmental world is all about.

Human resource development strategy for public service was approved in 2002, which includes an internship structure and a scarce skills strategy. This structure allows for a successful and well-organized internship plan, allowing the gap between academic study and the workplace to be bridged. For unemployed youths, this is a great opportunity.

Objective of this internship program:

Boosting the youth development and employability.

High quality of learning within the department of environmental affairs.

Promoting skills through coaching.

Thought for interns who have completed an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification.

Department of Environmental Affairs Internships Available

The field of internships with this Department is quite wide as it covers all aspects related to the environment and more.

Candidates can look at the following fields as a guideline and more:

  • Legal
  • Administration
  • Asset Management
  • Business Administration
  • Junior Environmental Scientist
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Media Studies
  • Development Studies
  • Communications
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Environmental Practice Assessor
  • Environmental Management
  • Journalism
  • Research
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Public Relations
  • Human Resource Management
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Town Planning
  • Junior Consultant
  • Waste Management
  • Logistics and Procurement
  • Zoology
  • Natural Science
  • Marine Science
  • Oceanography
  • Tourism
  • Environmental Law
  • Anthropology
  • Community Conservation
  • Rural Development
  • Geography
  • Social History

Department of Environmental Affairs Internships Requirements

Candidates who would like to apply for internships in any of the fields made available by the Department will have to meet all set requirements before applying. The internships are best for candidates between the ages of 18 and 35. Depending on the field applying for, candidates may be required to have a diploma or degree within that field.

Candidates will all require the following:

  • Candidates must be a South African citizen
  • Candidates must hold a valid ID document
  • Candidates must have a valid Matric certificate
  • Candidates Must show commitment and a love for the environment

Previously disadvantaged South African students are offered these internships. This creates a continuous development program which will create skilled and experienced people for the future and give us mobility in both the public and the private sector.

The department of Environmental affairs gives unemployed South Africans graduates and postgraduate students who have not been employed before in an internship the opportunity to partake in this field. The payment to take part in the internship program will depend on the field.

If you are successful it will be necessary to sign an internship contract for a period of 1 year.

Department of Environmental Affairs Internships Application

Department of Environmental Affairs internships applications online is not available. This department advertises their internship intake, yearly in local newspapers and other media print forms. These are usually made available within the last quarter of the year. Candidates may download the Z83 Application form to apply. Completed applications with certified documentation can be delivered to the following people by post of e-mail: (find their address on their website)

Candidates must please attach the following to their application:

  • Certified copy of ID document
  • Certified copy of Matric certificate
  • Certified copy of full Academic records
  • Certified copy of all Qualifications
  • Detailed and accurate Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover letter

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted, yet, all applications will be taken into consideration. Shortlisted candidates may be asked to and interview and/or to partake in a range of tests prior to awarding of the internship.

Internships Closing Dates

The department usually opens their intake for applications during September yearly. Successful candidates will be notified by the end of the same year.

Most of these internships are only for a 12 to 24 month period and eager, young, talented candidates are invited to apply within their fields. Candidates will receive a monthly stipend, however the Department does not provide accommodation, meals or transport.