South Africa Joint Operations Division

South Africa Joint Operations Division


Directorate Personnel Acquisition (DPACQ) was established during September 1999, whereby the different Services: Army, Air Force, Navy and Military Health Service, recruitment offices were amalgamated to established the Directorate Personnel Acquisition. The administrative offices are situated in the General Piet Joubert Building in Visagie Street, Pretoria, while the walk-in centre, for enquiries, is situated on the c/o Paul Kruger and Visagie Street, ground floor of the Bank of Lisbon Building. To ease the function to recruit new personnel for the SA National Defence Force, new recruitment centres were established in the various regions in South Africa.

The name has subsequently been changed to Directorate Human Resource Acquisition (D HR ACQ) with effect from 1 July 2006.


Employ, Empower for Excellence


To provide the DOD with the most suitable candidates from the broader SA Human Resources component at the right time, at the right place to satisfy HR requirements.


The DOD adheres to the open employment system, therefore all vacancies in the DOD have to be advertised before they can be filled. This system emphasizes the need for the DOD to apply an efficient Recruitment, Selection and Appointment process, in order to meet its human resource requirement. The DOD marketing recruitment selection and appointment processes are properly integrated/aligned with the organizational and equity strategy of the entire DOD.

All recruits undergo a pre-selection process and those that are successful are then subjected to a selection process and finally an appointment into the DOD in a transparent, consistent and fair manner. On the whole, all the annual recruitment targets send to D HR ACQ from the different Services/Divisions are in line with the DOD’s Equity Plan and Requirements.


To provide high quality service to D HR ACQ’s clients (Ministry of Defence, Defence Secretariat, SA Army, SA Air Force, SA Navy and SA Military Health Service) by selecting and appointing only candidates who meet all entry requirements, including additional specifications from multitudes of aspirant candidates in order to sustain clients’ operational capability/needs by means of Non Commisioned Officers and Warrant Officers (NCO & WO) Appointments in the Military Skills Development System, Officers in the Regular Force and PSAP Appointments.

The role of D HR ACQ is to provide the best candidate’s ready to start with two-year term initial basic military training to acquire knowledge, attitudes and skills (includes Proffesional appointments) that will be needed for future deployment by different Services and to provide the best Civilian Personnel (PSAP’s), needed by the different clients.

Office Hours

Mondays to Fridays – 08:00 to 16:15.
Offices will be closed during weekends and Public Holidays.

Head Office (Pretoria)

Postal Address: Telephone & Fax numbers:
Department of Defence
Chief Directorate Human Resource Management
(Directorate Human Resource Acquisition)
Private Bag X281
TEL (012) 339 5395
TEL (012) 339 5751
TEL (012) 339 5752
TEL (012) 339 5714
FAX (012) 339 5727
E-mail :
Physical Address (Walk in Centre):
Bank of Lisbon Building
Walk in Centre
Ground Floor
c/o Paul Kruger & Visagie Street
Physical Address (Head Office)
General Piet Joubert Building
4th and 5th Floor
218 Visagie Street

Career Centres

TEL (021) 787 3831
TEL (021) 787 1144
TEL (051) 402 1128
TEL (031) 369 1203
TEL (053) 830 3151
TEL (041) 505 1121
TEL (018) 289 3322
TEL (015) 577 2017
FAX (021) 787 4111
FAX (021) 787 1288
FAX (051) 402 1147
FAX (031) 369 1105
FAX (053) 830 3018
FAX (041) 505 1312
FAX (018) 289 3331
FAX (015) 577 2009

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the age requirement to join the SANDF?18-22 years of age with Senior Certificate (Grade 12)
22-26 years of age with a Degree or a National Diploma

When will intakes take place?During July and January every year.

How will they be selected?D HR ACQ will look at the M-Scores (Grade 12 results) to see whether they meet the selection criteria and if they met the selection criteria they will be called up to attend the selection board.

Where will the training be done?

  • SA Army – Heidelberg, 3 SA Infantry Batallion in Kimberley and Infantry School in Oudtshoorn.
  • SA Air Force –  Air Force Hoedspruit, Langebaanweg (Pilots/Navigators).
  • SA Navy  –  Simons Town in Saldanha Bay.
  • SAMHS – SA Military Health Service Training Formation in Thaba Tswana.

Do new members pay to be trained as soldiers?No, the SANDF trains you free of charge and you will be earning a salary while you undergo training.

Do applicants pay for the application forms to join the SANDF?No, its free of charge.