Tshwane University Of Technology Qualifications

Tshwane University Of Technology Qualifications

Qualification structure


The institution awards bachelor of technology degrees (B Tech degrees). Graduates may continue with postgraduate studies towards master’s degrees and doctorates. They may also exit before receiving a B Tech degree, in which case they will receive a National Diploma. A number of courses are offered up to this level only.


TUT does not require matric exemption, which traditional universities require for admission. New students are admitted in line with TUT’s minimum requirements. Anyone complying with the minimum requirements will be considered for admission to the institution, provided that there is space in a specific course and at a specific campus. For some courses, potential students also have to pass an aptitude test in order to be accepted.


TUT has seven faculties that offer more than 100 degree courses for prospective students to choose from – more than 70% of which are also offered at postgraduate level. All formal TUT programmes are registered on the NQF (National Qualification Framework) and are credit bearing.

In certain courses, different exit levels exist.*

D Tech Degree

M Tech Degree

B Tech Degree

National Diploma*

National Higher Certificate*

National Certificate *