University of Limpopo (UL) Courses Offered

University of Limpopo (UL) Courses Offered

  • Faculty of Health Sciences

Human Nutrition
Health Promotion Unit
Medical Sciences

  • Faculty of Humanities

Advanced Certificate in Education – Mathematics (ACEM)

Advanced Certificate in Education – Science (ACES)

Advanced Certificate in Education – Grade R (ACEGR)

Advanced Certificate in Education – Learners with Barriers to Learning and Education – Remedial Education (ACERE)

Advanced Certificate in Adult Basic Education and Training (ACEABE)

Advanced Certificate in Education – Life Orientation (ACELO)

Advanced Certificate in Education – Integrating Values and Human Rights in Education (ACEHRE)

Post Graduate Certificate In Education (PGCE)

Bachelor of Education Senior Phase and FET (BEDSPF)

Post graduate degrees

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed Hons)

Master of Education (M.Ed)

Masters by course work

Masters in Science and Mathematics Education (M.Ed Maths & Sci)

Masters in Language and Communication (M.Ed LED)

Masters in Adult Education (M.Ed AE

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)

Bachelor of Arts – BAAG01 [BA (Languages)]

BAAF01 [BA (Translation Studies & Linguistics)]

BAAE01 [BA (Performing Arts)]

Bachelor of Arts – BAE01 [BACEMS (Contemporary English

Language] Studies and Multilingual Studies)]

Bachelor of Arts – BCS01 [BACOMM (Communication Studies)]

Bachelor of Arts – BMEA01 [BAMDST (Media Studies)] and

BMEB01 [BA Media Studies Extended Curriculum]

Bachelor of Information Studies – BIS01 [BINF]

Postgradate Diploma in Information

Studies PIN01 [HDINF]

BA Honours – HBAA01 (English)

HBAB01 (Tshivenda)

HBAC01 (Xitsonga)

HBAD01 (Northern Sotho)

HBAE01 (Language Studies)

HBAF01 (Media Studies)

HBAG01 (Translation and Linguistics)

HBAH01 (Communication Studies)

B Information Studies HIS01 (Information Studies)

MA – MAE01 (English Studies)

MAL01 (African Languages) – Coursework

MAT01 (Translation Studies and Linguistics)

MIS01 (Information Studies)

MAENST (English Studies) Coursework

MATRLI (Translation Studies and Linguistics) –Coursework

M Inf – MINF (Information Studies)

MA – MAMDST (Media Studies)

MA – MA (Languages by research)

PhD – Doctorates

Bachelor of Arts BA

Bachelor of Arts Honours BA (Hons)

Masters of Arts MA

Doctor of Philosophy PhD

Professional Degrees

Bachelor of Psychology B Psyc

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work BA SW

Bachelor of Social Work BSW

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Community

Police Management BAHons (COPM)

Masters of Arts in Community Police

Management MA (COPM)

Doctor of Philosophy in Community

Police Management PhD (COPM)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Corrections

Management BAHons (CORM)

Masters of Arts in Corrections

Management MA (CORM)

Doctor of Philosophy in Corrections

Management PhD (CORM)

Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology MA (PSYC)

  • Faculty of Science And Agriculture

Computer Science

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Statistics and Operations Research

Agricultural Economics and Animal Production

Geography and Environmental studies

Plant Production,Soil Science and Remote Sensing

Water and Sanitation

  • Faculty of Management and Law

Accounting and Auditing

Business Management


Development Studies

Human Resource Management

Public Administration

Transport Management

Bachelor Of Law