Walter Sisulu University WSU Admission Status

Walter Sisulu University WSU Admission Status

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The university students are hereby informed that online results for the First Semester Examinations are now available on the link below.

Please note due to technical delays the Mthatha NMD site results have been delayed. It is hoped that the problem will be resolved soon.

Exams Dept

QUEENSTOWN CAMPUS : Report on the Implementation Plan regarding Student Grievances.


Campus Management Committee met on the 2nd June to look at progress made to all matters raised by the SRC as areas of concern. CMC members were to report on work done and also get advices on how to speed up implementation working with stakeholders within and outside the Institution. Below are issues which needed attention.


The Financial Aid Department has forwarded an invitation to the WSU Institutional NSFAS Manager Mr Ntlati to visit Queenstown. We are awaiting confirmation of dates and time frames.

Fundza Lushaka

An Institutional Fundza Lushaka meeting will be held on Tuesday the 6th June wherein all matters pertaining to the Fundza Lushaka Bursary will be attended by the Institutional Fundza Lushaka Busary Administrators and Fundza Lushaka Bursary donors.

CMC has requested Ms Mini to attend this meeting and raise all the issued included in the Memorandum submitted to his office by the affected students from the Department of Education.

CMC has extended an invitation to the Institutional Fundza Lushaka Coordinator Ms Uruba and Dr Molapo to come and respond to all concerns regarding this bursary. We are awaiting confirmation of dates and time frames.

Residence Management.

Most residences have been paid for the first term of the year, the few that is outstanding will be paid in due course.

A correspondence has been submitted to all the Land Lords who are still having tenants in their premises and they have been given up to the 16th June to remove such tenants.

A new residence has been found which can accommodate 38 students and the standard is commendable. This will assist in adding more beds for students to minimize the impasse on shortage of beds.


Academic Concerns

Each and every subject offered has a lecturer to facilitate learning.

The academic catch up plan is underway and different mechanism are implemented by different lecturers in agreement with the various students within all departments.

During the student protest lecturers have managed through social networks to provide work to students, substantial amount of academic work has been covered through this initiative.

The actual examination date will be decided by the Institutional SENATE Executive which shall seat on the 7th June .


ICT Concerns

Wi-Fi has improved at Grey Street, a team from East London is working towards improving full access.

Computers were moved to Grey Street and they are up and running. Tutors have been also allocated to the Lab at Grey Street to assist students in their academic work.

Library Concerns

Books for Courses which are not offered at Masibulele are being moved to Queenstown Library.

More copies of prescribed books are expected to arrive for both Masibulele Library and Queenstown Library adding to the current available copies.

CMC attendance and Rector’s Attitude.

A platform for engagement with the CMC and SRC will seat after each second month wherein CMC and SRC will share information on campus plans and campus developments.

Infrastructure Developments

CMC is pleased to report that a Tender for the Grey Street Building Project is in the process. CMC is also pleased to inform students that the building project will start by the end of August , expected to be completed at the beginning of February This will allow amongst other amenities space for additional Classes, Offices and a Computer Lab.


Closing Remarks

It is hoped that through constant engagements our campus will continue to provide quality services to all students and its partners. CMC will continue to share progress and campus developments consistently throughout the year.

The Campus Rector and CMC wishes all the Best in the Coming Examinations. You must continue to do your best and seize the moment.

Issued by the Student Development and Governance Unit on behalf of the Campus Management Committee.