Where To Get Sleeping Pills In South Africa

What are Sleeping Pills?

Hypnotic, or soporific drugs, commonly known as sleeping pills, are a class of psychoactive drugs whose primary function is to induce sleep and treat insomnia.


This group of drugs is related to sedatives.

Where To Get Sleeping Pills In South Africa?

can buy OTC sleep medications at a store. OTC sleep aids often contain an antihistamine. This drug treats allergies, but it can also make you drowsy. Some people take melatonin or valerian supplements to help them sleep.

How much do sleeping pills cost?

Sleeping pills can cost from R290.79 to R1026.32 a week. Some newer drugs may cost even more. Your doctor visits are added costs. Over time, CBT may cost less.

How long does a sleeping pill last?

Some sleep medications have short half-lives, like Ambien (3 hours). Others, such as Valium, have half-lives that range between 20 and 80 hours.

The half-life of the drug has a direct impact on how fast the substance leaves the body. The shorter the half-life, the faster your body eliminates the drug

Can I take 2 sleeping pills at once?

Taking too many sleeping pills at once or taking sleeping pills and alcohol simultaneously can cause a deadly overdose.

Many sleeping pill overdose deaths may be accidental, but some are intentional suicides.