Winterberg Agric High School

Winterberg Agric High School

The Winterberg Agricultural High School was established in 1972 and is situated in the fertile, scenic Kat River valley about 200km from Port Elizabeth and 140km from East London on a farm 1 400 ha in extent. About 600 ha of the farm has been included in the Fort Beaufort Kudu Reserve where kudu, blesbuck, duiker, impala and steenbuck may be found. The school facilities which include the school building, adjacent hostel, sporting facilities as well as the agricultural sections, are located within this rustic, farmland environment. The hostel offers accommodation to boarders outside the Fort Beaufort area. Hostel life on the farm naturally offers the child the unique opportunity of incorporating the farming activities with schooling since the farming activities form an integral component of the agricultural study course. Learners are even permitted to keep their horses on the farm. At Winterberg we strive to educate the child in accordance with Christian principles in all facets of humanistic development so that a well-adjusted adult may emerge who is capable of fully accepting the responsibilities which society will demand of him or her. Each child receives the opportunity to relate to God, nature and other children within a relatively sheltered environment since there are only about 250 learners in the school. Effective control, discipline and nurturing creates a favourable environment for learning, playing sport and personal growth. The morale amongst both the learners as well as the staff (teaching as well as non-teaching) affords a unique spirit to the school which encourages excellent achievement academically as well as extramurally. The Management Board of the school is composed of individuals who are dedicated to promoting the stature of the school as an educational institution.



Winterberg Agricultural High School is a dual medium school with English and Afrikaans as languages of instruction. It is dedicated to the development of the languages and cultures which comprise its learning mediums. Tuition at the school is founded on Christian principles as established in the Bible.

Admission Criteria

A learner should be fluent in English as well as Afrikaans, one of which shall be offered as a Primary Language and the other as an Additional Language. A certified copy of the original birth certificate or ID must accompany the application form. The original or a certified copy of the most recent academic and scholastic record, a declaration of good behavior and a transfer certificate from his/her previous school, should accompany the application. The school is obliged to give preferential consideration to the learners of the Fort Beaufort municipal area who are studying the General study course. Winterberg’s feeder area concerning learners following the Agricultural field of study extends far beyond the boundaries of Fort Beaufort and its environs. A prospective learner must sign an undertaking that he/she will adhere to the school rules, hostel rules and will abide by the authority of the school. At least one parent/guardian is to witness this undertaking. Admission / non-admission is subject to the discretion of an admission committee whose decision is final.

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