Yutong Bus Prices In South Africa

What is Yutong Bus?

Yutong is a manufacturer of commercial vehicles, especially electric buses.


Yutong Bus Prices In South Africa

R 2,550,000

What engine is in a Yutong Bus?

375-horsepower WEICHAI engine imported ZF gearbox and MERITOR 13T rear axle brings robust power performance.

With the thermal management system of engines, it can save 1-2L fuel per 100km and the driving range is above 1,900km.

What is the fuel average of the Yutong Bus?

The overall fuel consumption of the whole vehicle is 25-30L/100km.

How many seats are on Yutong Bus?

51+1 plastic city bus seats with soft cushions, 24 standing passengers, max passenger capacity: 76. The driver seat is with air cushion.