By | October 19, 2017

Details of the South African Air Force Structure

The Department of Defence

The following organigram will give an indication of where the South African Air Force features in the Department of Defence Structures.

Placement of the SAAF within DOD structures

 Structure of the Air Force

The new Structure will be updated as soon as possible…


 The Air Force Office

The Air Force Office lies on Level 2 in the Department of Defence Structure and is situated at the Air Force Headquarters in Pretoria. Chief of the Air Force (CAF) is responsible to Chief of the South African National Defence Force (CSANDF) on level 1 of the DOD structure. The role of the Air Force Office is to prepare and supply combat-ready air forces. In this role CAF is supported by various directorates also situated at Air Force Headquarters.

 The Air Command

The Air Command lies on Level 3 in the DOD Structure, and is also situated at the Air Force Headquarters, Pretoria. The purpose of the Air Command is to render combat-ready air forces to the RSA. This is done by executing the plans and policy created on level 2 by the Air Force Office. In other words, it translates the strategic plans into executable business plans, according to the allocated resources. The Air Command is commanded by the General Officer Commanding Air Command (GOC).


 Command and Control functionality

The flow of command and control will thus look like this:

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