Job for Senior Software Developer in Westville Feb 2017

By | February 6, 2017

Job for Senior Software Developer in Westville Feb 2017

Remuneration: negotiable Negotiable depending on experience
Location: Westville
Education level: Matric
Job level: Senior
Own transport required: Yes
Type: Permanent


Job description

An Internet marketing company, based in Westville, is searching for an experienced, Senior Software Engineer.


o   At least 3 years’ experience with open source web development frameworks (Django / Flask / Laravel)

o   Ninja with scripted languages (Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby)

o   Shell script (bash, zsh, sh)

o   Java / C / C++

o   Experience with Pypi and virtual environments

o   Extensive knowledge of HTML, Javascript, Javascript libraries (Angular, NodeJS, ReactJS, Redux, jQuery)

o   Experience with webservices (SOAP, XMLRPC, RESTful, XML, JSON)

o   Experience with MVC is a must

o   Object orientated programming

o   RDBMS: Relational databases (Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, Sqlite)

o   Non-relational database systems (Cassandra, CouchDB, BigTable, MongoDB)

o   Experience with enterprise architecture and developing highly scalable websites/services

o   *NIX development (preferably debian/ubuntu) using git

o   AWS (EC2, RDS, ELB, Elastic Beanstalk) / GCP / Heroku

o   Strong Docker presence – containerisation and orchestration tools (Swarm, Meso, K8s, Rancher, CoreOs)

o   Strong test driven development background (TDD)

o   Must have a high understanding of CI/CD, and build pipelines

o   Worked with CI/CD tooling (Jenkins, Drone, Semaphore, Codeship)

o   Thorough grasp of version control systems (VSC / DVCS /Git / SVN)

o   Up-to date with latest web technologies and trends

o   Perform code reviews and monitor quality of all code written by other staff members

o   Must be a team player, but be able to work on special projects when needed
Must be able to work within specified deadlines and work well under pressure


o   Python / Django

o   Docker

o   Unit testing

o   *NIX development (preferably debian/ubuntu) using git

o   Experience with non-relational DBs (MongoDB, NoSQL etc)

o   Understanding of SaaS and highly distributed products/services

o   Do you take part in any meetups or tech events? Let us know!

o   Have you contributed to an Open Source Project? That’s a huge advantage!

Contact details
Kelly Razlog