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► STEP 1: Explore your options

Make sure that you understand the University’s Admission Policy and the selection criteria of the
different faculties before you apply. As a postgraduate candidate, you are only able to apply for one
programme. Please visit the Prospective Postgraduate Student website at
and click on what can I study, or contact our Contact and Client Service Centre on +27 (0) 21 808 9111

► STEP 2: Take note of the application dates
Visit the Prospective Postgraduate Student website ( for a list of the closing
dates of all the postgraduate programmes offered for the 2020 intake year. Closing dates for financial
assistance is available on the Postgraduate Office’s website.
No late applications for financial assistance will be considered.

► STEP 3: Complete your application

  1. Electronic/ Online applications
    1.1 A valid email address and cell phone number is required to administer an online application
    via Correspondence will be sent to the email address and sms’s to
    the cell phone.
    1.2 As soon as you’ve lodged a formal online application, you will receive a username (student
    number) and 8-digit password to continue your application.
    1.3 All compulsory screens, with red ‘Outstanding’ buttons, must be completed. The ‘submit’
    button will only be available once ALL the compulsory screens are completed (a green
    ‘Completed’ button will be displayed).
    1.4 Please ensure that the information you provide is correct. If the information is incorrect the
    University is entitled to reject your application or cancel your registration immediately.
    1.5 Should there be an electricity outage, data will not be lost and the application can be
    completed at a later stage before the closing date.
    1.6 After you have completed all the compulsory screens, click on the ‘Submit’ button.

1.7 You will now receive your official SUN-password along with your given username (student
number) to access your application status to upload all your supporting application
documents and monitor your application.
1.8 To complete your application all the correct supporting documents must be uploaded via the
upload application documents link on the Prospective Postgraduate Student website at before the closing date. Your application will only be processed
AFTER your application has been completed. Your application cannot be considered if all
application documents have not been uploaded before the closing date.
1.9 Submitting a completed application and meeting the minimum requirements does not
guarantee admission.Hard copy applications:
2.1 We recommend that you apply online, but if you do not have internet access, you may
complete a hard copy form instead. You may obtain a hard copy application form from our
Contact and Client Service Centre at 021 808 9111 or via email at
2.2 If you utilise a hard copy application, please complete all the applicable fields and send in all
the necessary documents along with your application form. We cannot consider your
application if we do not have all the correct information. Your application form and supporting
documents must reach us before the closing date.
2.3 Please do not apply by using both the hard copy form and applying online. If we receive both
types of application from you, we can only accept the online application as the intended one.

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► STEP 4: Make sure that you upload all the required

  1. Certified copies of the original qualification documents, as specified below, must be provided.
    Please take note of the following regarding your documents:
    1.1 Copies of your original academic documents, which must be stamped and signed by the
    awarding institution, notary public, or a Commissioner of Oaths (e.g. attorney or diplomatic
    official) must be provided. If you go to the police station or the Post Office, a Commissioner of
    Oaths must certify your documents. No police or post office stamps will be accepted.
    1.2 No online results obtained from self-serving portals or password protected documents will be

1.3 Electronic copies provided should be clear and legible (not blurred, cropped or obscured). Only
pdf and jpeg format will be accepted.
1.4 Please ensure that you include qualification documents for each tertiary qualification
obtained and that the documents are official and certified. This implies that your original
qualification documents (academic transcript and accompanying degree certificate) which you
received upon graduation must be stamped and signed by the awarding institution.
1.5 Qualifications shorter than 12 months in duration will not be considered and it is therefore
recommended that these documents are not uploaded
1.6 Qualification documents in foreign languages must be accompanied by sworn translations,
word for word into English and certified by an official translator. In other words, both the
documents in the original language and the English translation must be submitted.

All documents available on the Prospective Postgraduate Student website (

  1. Signed contract (please print out, sign and upload). No electronic signatures accepted.
  2. Student support form (students with disabilities who need additional support).
  3. Proof of payment (R100 non-refundable application fee)
     South African citizens only;
     Cash payments may also be made in person at the cashiers at the Administration A
    building (Stellenbosch Campus) or on the first floor of the Clinical Building at Tygerberg
     Read more about payment options on Prospective Postgraduate Student website
  4. SANC proof of registration for Diploma and Honours in Nursing. Applicants from non-SouthAfrican nationality must submit proof of registration with the Nursing Board in their home
  5. Proof of English language proficiency (where medium of instruction of most recent qualification
    was not English). English Language requirement for consideration to postgraduate studies is
    available on the Prospective Postgraduate Student website at
  6. The programme you are applying for may require the submission of additional supporting
    documents. Please visit the website of your programme of interest to ensure that you are
    aware of all the documents require for application.
  7. An interpretation of the awarding institutions’ grading system for international qualifications.
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Final school-leaving results:

 Compulsory for the following school leaving postgraduate programmes: BCommHons Economics,
MCom Economics as well as Diploma, Honours and Master’s programme in Nursing.
Currently enrolled at a tertiary institution (excluding Stellenbosch University qualifications):
• Proof of registration, including a list of subjects you are enrolled for with the provisional grades
if available at the time of application.
• Full academic transcript for each academic year completed, including grades.
Please note that online results obtained from self-service portals will not be accepted.
Tertiary qualifications completed (excluding Stellenbosch University qualifications):
• Relevant certificates PLUS full academic transcript for each year, including grades
• Diploma(s) PLUS full academic transcript for each year, including grades
• B degree certificate(s) PLUS full academic transcript for each year, including grades
• Honours degree certificate(s) PLUS full academic transcript for each year, including grades
• Master’s degree certificate(s) PLUS full academic transcript for each year, including grades
(where applicable)
• Doctoral degree certificate(s) PLUS full academic transcript for each year, including grades
(where applicable)
Please note that online results obtained from self-service portals will not be accepted.
If you have obtained a qualification outside of the South African Higher Education system and your
final degree certificate is not available when you apply, please provide us with official proof that you
have completed the qualification. Please note that proof of completion should not be older than five
years from the date on which the degree was conferred.

► STEP 5: Monitor your application status
When you have successfully completed the steps and received acknowledgement of your complete
application from the Admission Office your application is ready to be considered. Use your username
(student number) and official SUN-password to sign in and monitor your application status on the
Prospective Postgraduate Student website at Please keep in mind that
there might be a notification for additional information required.

If you need help with your application, or you require more information, please contact the University
at 021 808 9111, send an email to or visit